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The Salvation Army offers practical assistance

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Salvation Army&nbspResearch Paper

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´╗┐Brittany Lobo Mrs. Morgan HRT 3M1 December 14, Salvation Army The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in and has grown to become the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country.

Salvation Army Research Paper Mrs. Morgan HRT 3M1 December 14, Salvation Army The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in and has grown to become the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country.

The Salvation Army has managed to develop its own website that is designed to unveil the organization's needs and expectations with those concerned parties in mind. The website gives information regarding the new and ongoing programs and services that are being offered by.

Check out this The Salvation Army essay paper. Buy exclusive The Salvation Army essay cheap. Order The Salvation Army essay from $ per page. Here are some excellent organizations to profille: Salvation Army, Goodwill, or a local food bank. | Source Overview of Essay Writing a research paper about a non-profit organization allows you the chance to incorporate a variety of evidence and perspectives.

The Salvation Army was found by William Booth and his co-founder, his wife, Catherine. Booth started his career in ministry inlonging to win the misplaced persons to Christ. He preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor, homeless, and hungry walking the streets of London.

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Salvation army research paper
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