Research papers mergers acquisitions

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Research Papers

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The Mergers and Acquisitions division headed by Lebohang Mabidikane is responsible for administering the provisions of Chapter 3 of the Competition Act and its core function is the investigation and analysis of mergers. Ms Mabidikane is currently the Divisional Manager of Mergers. Contact the Division Sesule Mojapelo.

30 YEARS OF MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS RESEARCH: RECENT ADVANCES AND FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES Introduction Mergers and acquisitions1 continue to be a highly popular form of corporate development.

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The 15 Best Blockchain Research Papers, Q2 2016

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Process is an important aspect of research on mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Process avenues for further M&A process research are discussed. The reviewed papers are separated into M&A process categories to identify and examine streams of theoretical perspectives. The Business Advantage group specialise in the IT and telecommunication sectors as an international business to business market research, marketing and management consulting practice.

Wherever you want to see your business performance improve Business Advantage will .

Research papers mergers acquisitions
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