Machines can be conscious

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Artificial consciousness

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Fax machines are an essential part of any busy office. Browse our selection of auto fax, business fax, color fax, hybrid fax printers and laser fax machines for the latest technology. Consciousness as organised energy is the basis of a new theory offered by Robert Pepperell; the full paper is here, with a magazine article treatment here.

Pepperell suggests that we can see energy as difference, or more particularly actualised difference – that is to say, differences in the real world, not differences between abstract entities.

Artificial consciousness (AC), also known as machine consciousness (MC) or synthetic consciousness (Gamez ; Reggia ), is a field related to artificial intelligence and cognitive aim of the theory of artificial consciousness is to "Define that which would have to be synthesized were consciousness to be found in an engineered artifact" (Aleksander ).

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Machines can be conscious
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