Animal research saves lives

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Southwest National Primate Research Center

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An improved, later vaccine has since been higher, and its efficacy also was reflected in research with chimpanzees at Texas Biomed. Animal research has contributed to many of the medical advances we now take for granted. We have probably all benefited from vaccines and antibiotics to prevent and treat infections, and anaesthetics used in all forms of surgery.

Animal research saves lives

Animal research saves lives of both humans and animals. Animal research saves human and animal lives. STAY INFORMED. SIGN UP!

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Farm and Dairy Editor Susan Crowell has been with the paper. ANIMAL RESEARCH HELPS PEOPLE AND HAS RESULTED IN: 1 Animal research: Battle scars. Nature() ANIMAL RESEARCH HELPS ANIMALS AND HAS RESULTED IN: 92% of scientists polled in a Nature survey1 agreed that animal research is essential to the advancement of biomedical science.

Animal research has played a vital role in virtually every major medical advance of the last century -- for both human and animal health. From antibiotics to blood transfusions, from dialysis to. Animal research has saved lives, extended life expectancy, and improved the quality of life for both humans and animals by enabling scientists to conduct critical experiments that identified ways to prevent, treat, and cure disease.

APSselect is a collection of the very best original research papers published by the American Physiological Society. Shop the APS Timeline of Physiology poster follows the advances that physiologists have made to science and medicine over the past + years.

Animal research saves lives
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